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Cara Membuat Hyperlink

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1. Klik "Link" pada toolbar diatas

2. Masukkan kalimat yang ingin dipergunakan untuk dijadikakan Hyperlink pada kolom "Text to display". Pada kolom "Web Address" tuliskan alamat website/link. Lalu klik "Ok".
Contoh setelah dibuat Hyperlink: Klik disini

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1. The door is opened by Tom.
2. The door is being opened by Tom.
3. The door has been opened by Tom.
4. The door was opened by Tom
5. The door will be opened by Tom.
6. The door is going opened by Tom.
7. The door will have been opened by Tom.
8. The door will have been opened by Tom.

1. That play was written by Shakespeare.
2. Ann will have been invited by Bill to the party.
3. That report is being prepared by Alex.
4. Costumers are served by waitresses and waiters.
5.  The lesson is going explained by the teacher.
6. A new idea had been suggested by Shirley.
7. The farmer's wagon will be pulled by two horses.
8. The book is going returned by Kathy at the Library.
9. By this time tomorrow, the announcement will have been by the President.
10. That note wasn't written by me. Jim wrote it.
11. That pie wasn't made by Alice. Did Mrs. French make it?
12. Is that course taught by Prof. jackson? I know that course isn't taught by Prof. Jackson.
13. Those papers haven't been signed by Mrs. Andrews. Have the papers signed by Mr. Andrews?
14. Will your house be painted by Mr. Brown?
15. I won't have been fooled by his tricks.

1. No change
2. The winning goal was scored by Jackie.
3. No change.
4. Dr. Ikeda's theory is agreed by me.
5. That theory was developed by Dr. Ikeda.
6. The cup was dropped Timmy.
7. No change.
8. I was interviewed by the assistant manager.
9. No change.
10. The small fishing village was destroyed by a hurricane.
11. No change.
12. No change.
13. No change.
14. After class, the chalkboard is always erased by one of the students.
15. In a dream I was being speared the solution to my problem.

1. My sweater was made in England by tailor.
2. The new highway will be completed sometime next month by developer.
3. Language skill are taught by teacher in every school in the country.
4. Beethoven's Seventh Symphony was performed by musicians at the concert last night.
5. The world cup soccer games are being televised by transmitter all over the world.
6. No change
7. No change
10. No change

1. Corn is grown in lo a.
2. No change
2. This antique table was made by someone in 1734.
4. No change
5. My purse was stolen by someone.
6. The coffee will be made by someone when I walked into the kitchen.
7. That book have been translated by translator into many languages.
8. That picture was drawn by Jim's daughter. This picture was drawn by my son.
9. The applicants will have been judged by the judges on the basis of their originality.
10. No change.
11. Is that course will be taught by Professor Rivers in this semester?
12. When did the radio is invented by someone?
13. The mail is going to be delivered by the mail carrir by the time I left for school this morning.
14. When the results of the contest will have been announced by someone?
15. No change
16. No change
17. The new hospital will have been built by them next year. The new elementary school have been built by them.
18. No change

1. Ann was handed a menu at the restaurant.
2. Peggy has been awarded a scholarship by Imdian University.
3. Fred was paid three hundred dollars in consulting fees.
4. Maria has been offered a good job by a local advertising company.
5. You will have been sent a bill at the end of the month.
6. The starving people will have been given a week's su[[ly of rice as soon as the food supplies arrive in the famine-stricken area.

1. You were invited by someone to apasrty.
2. That book was written by someone in 1987.
3. That book was written by my sister in 1987.
4. Rice is grrown by people in many countries.
5. The letter is being typed by the secretary.
6. The game is being televised by someone.
7. Reading is taught by teachers in the first grade.
8. I have been offered a good job by someone.
9. You were told to be here by someone at ten.
10. That book was published by someone in 1985.
11. She has been sent an invitation to a wedding by someone.
12. That hat was made by someone in Mexico.
13. In the early 80s, Photograph's of Mars was sent back to earth by unmanned space probers. From these photographs scientist have been able to make detailed maps of the surface of Mars.
14. A network of lines was discoveres on Mars astronomer

1. James should be told the news as soon as possible.
2. Someone should be told James the news immediately.
3. James should have been told the news a long time ago.
4. Meat must be kept in a refrigator or it will spoil.
5. You must be kept meat in a refrigator or it will spoil.
6. We tried, but the window couldn't have been opened it was painted shut.
7. I tried, but I couldn't be opened the window.
8. Good news! I may be oggered a job soon. I had an interview at an angineering firm yesterday.
9. Chris has good news. The engineering firm where she had an interview yesterday may be her job soon.
10. I hope Chris accepts our job offer, but I know she's been having interviews with several companies. She may be already offered job by a competing firm before we made our offer.
11. A competing firm may be already offered Chris a job before we made our offer.

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1. Psychology is study about the activities of individual.
3. Motor activities: walking and speaking
    Cognitive activities: seeing, hearing, remembering, thinking
    Emotional activities: laughing, crying, and feeling happy or sad.
4. Yes, because any manifestation of like can be callen an activity
6. The only way to be completely inactive is to be dead.
8. Write activity

1. Attention
2. Childhood
3. Behavior
4. Maturity
5. Motor activity
6. Emotional activity
7. Investigates
8. Cognitive activity
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