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This is the answer of the question from the text(The Family and Personality Development)

1. Yes, of course. The family is the largest influence of personality development.

2. Children effect their parents in untold ways, transforming parents day-to-day moods, priorities and plans future-even a marriage it self.


4. A child growing up today is likely to have one sibling, and they have a 40% chance of spending part of their childhood with only one parent's. But, the ancient family is quite different with the recent family.



1. My father is my mentor.
Examples of how he guide
  • He taught me how to resolve problems with friends.
  • He helps me to do my homework.
  • He taught me how to be a successful people.
  • I worked for him during vacation and learned.

2. My mother is my best friend.

  • I always tell anything about my life with my mother.
  • My mother always beside me when I need her help.
  • My mother always pay attention when I need someone to share.
  • My mother always try to entertain me when I cry.

3. My grandmother / grandfather has been like mother / father to me.

  • My grandmother loves me, like I love my mother.
  • My grandfather taught me how to play the guitar.
  • My grandmother always beside me, as did my mother.
  • My grandmother and my grandfather already consider to be my parents.

  •  Tita's family says that she is an idealist. She must be able to get what she wants, It seems she has a strong pesonality

  • Tom falls in love with Alice. Tom's parents are going to propose her but when they know Alice's "parent" they abrogate their plan because Tom and Alice are one sibling. Tom and Alice were separated when they were still baby.

  • Jenny's father is an engineer and Jenny's mother is a career women. They are very busy, so they are not able to take care their only child. They should send her in caregiver when they work.

  • Preschool is very important for the children before they come to kindergarten. It can train the children's imagination develop well.

  • Robin and Hendrick's parents are very rich. Whatever they want their parents always give them. When they are child they had so many toys. Really they had a happy childhood.

  • Mrs. Tuti hardly can show her sadness after her divorce with her beloved husband.

  • To be good teacher, he must know how to secure the behavior of his pupils.

  • Mr. Johan has married many for 25 years. People think that they are a very suitable spouse.

  • I feel that he always avoid me. I don't know why, but I am sure that his attention toward me shows that he doesn't like me.


    1. Become adult or mature : Grow up
    2. Network : Mesh
    3. Father and mother : Parents
    4. Having great amount of property : Wealthy
    5. Legal union of man and a woman as husband and wife : Marriage
    6. Group of parents and children : Family
    7. Development of the body, mind, and spirit by training and exercise : Culture
    8. Someone who investigates undertaken in order to discover new facts, get additional information : Researcher
    9. Make it less : Detract
    10. Capacity or power to do something phisical or mental : Ability


    1. John is Polly's husband Polly is John's wife.
    2. Andrew is Joyce's brother Joyce is Andrew's sister.
    3. Polly and John are Joyce's parents. Polly is her mother and John is her father.
    4. Andrew and Joyce are John's children. Andrew is his son and Joyce is his daughter.

    Family Tree



    Invinitive              Past                 Participle

    Grow                      Grew                Grown

    Bite                        Bit                     Bitten

    Do                          Did                    Done

    Hang                      Hunged            Hung 

    Rise                       Rose                 Risen

    Swim                     Swam               Swum

    Wake                     Woke                Woken


    1. Grow:    - Rice grows in warm climates.
                      - His troubles grew out of his bad temper.
                      - He has grown into a fine young man.

    2. Bite:      - The bee bites Deni's face.
                      - When Kevin diving in the sea, jellyfish bit his leg.
                      - Dina has been bitten by her brother.

    3. Do:       - He doesn't do his homework everyday.
                      - They did not know what happened yesterday.
                      - He has done his English assignment.

    4. Hang:    - My favorite place to hang out is Mall.
                       - He hunged the picture on the wall last night.
                       - Who has the shirt been hung by?

    5. Rise:     - The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
                      - After rain, the river's level rose and fell mightly.
                      - The footballer's weight has risen and fallen over the past few years.

    6. Swim:   - I don't swim today.
                      - Yesterday, she swam in the sea with her friends.
                      - I will have swum at 11 tomorrow.

    7. Wake:   - My mother always wake me up at 5 am.
                      - Yesterday, I woke up late. So, my teacher didn't allow me to entered the class
                      - During the night we were all woken up by a loud explosion

    EXERCISE  10

    EXERCISE  11

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