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3. Depressed children are frequently tired, extremely active, or inactive. 
4. When children represent a marked change from the child's usual pattern.
5. Yes, they will.
6. They walk very little, cry a great deal, have trouble concentrating, sleep to much or too little, lose their appetite, start doing poorly in school, look unhappy, complain od physical ailments, feel overwhelmingly guilty, suffer severe separation anxiety (which may take the form of the school phobia), or think often about death or suicide.

1. Address
2. Accuse
3. Purse
4. Vowed
5. Appetite

1. He has a predisposition to minor ailments.
2. She has a feature on her appearance.
3. She triggered when she had a problem.
4. What are the symptoms of the insane people?
5. Sometimes, children get depression when they are in school.
6. That isn't the harmless way to solve your problem.
7. It's hard to believe that he is the severe boy.
8. Don't disturb the children who get depression.
9. The client complaint to the psychologist about her problem. 
10. She gets the illness disorder.

1. He usually smokes a cigarette after every meal.
2. Do they ever write to you?
3. Sometimes, you can tell if a dog is dreaming by watching its legs.
4. I usually pass the post office on may way back.
5. Occasionally, the roof leaks when i rains.
6. This type of plants never grows tall.
7. It rains hardly ever in this parts of the world.
8. Do you often answer back life this?
9. We frequently correspond through the post.
10. Generally, they invite us over for a cup of tea.
11. She is usually very busy at this time of the day.
12. Had the lesson already started when you arrived?
13.  We have nearly finished uor syllabus for a year.
14. Your friend always need your help.
15. Sometimes, we are lazy to cook, so we eat out.
16. I almost tripped over the dog in the dark.

1. Sometimes John drinks cofee.
2. He hardly never drinks tea.
3. Mr. Allen often drinks coffee.
4. Mrs. Allen hardly never drinks coffee.
5. She always drinks coffee.
6. Sometimes, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton eat in restaurant.
7. Chessie hardly never eats in a restaurant.
8. Philip always eats in bamboo restaurant.
9. She always eats at home.
10. Mr. and Mrs. Tanty often eats in a restaurant.

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